I started thinking about family history in the early 1990s when I worked in Cumbria. On one particular nightshift I met Hyman Walton who was the senior engineer in charge of the permit office. He was teaching genealogy at the local college and I got talking to him about his own research. We became great friends and he was amazed at the success that I had achieved, in a relatively short time, with my new Teasdale Newsletter website.

I lived in the north-east of England at the time and some of my ancestors were lead miners living on Alston Moor. I now live a short walk from Stamford which is at the very bottom of Lincolnshire and next to Rutland.

The best thing I did in those early years, apart from building my website, was to interview all my mother’s siblings. I borrowed their photographs and recorded their stories and I think this experience gave me a great perspective of where I came from and in the context of my childhood memories.

Another aspect of family history is the visits from our Australian friends who came to see us and all the people I have met on this amazing journey of discovery. This journey has taken in the people who lived and researched lead mining, local history, industrial archaeology, flora & fauna of Cumbria and many aspects of world history. I have met some wonderful people along the way. There have been successes and failures, blind alleys and surprises, but most of all it has been fun. I’m still active in my research and happy to help anyone to find their ancestors.